Colour has a lot of meaning, it’s spiritual, and has a direct impact on your soul — Ozwald Boateng

Natalia's Signature is a range of unique pens & cufflinks which have been developed by artisan Natalia Truckle through her passion for design. The very first pair of cufflinks was created in 2012 as a present for a much loved friend. Every product is handmade, with the unique designs suiting all types of personalities. Each design is handcrafted in England.

Cufflinks & pens from Natalia's Signature are small pieces of art which add a special touch to every man’s or lady’s outfit. You will never find two products exactly the same within each design pattern. Whatever the occasion is — Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, or Wedding — Natalia’s Signatures handmade pens & cufflinks is a perfect present!

Please note that our NATALIA’S SIGNATURE pieces are handcrafted and could be manufactured upon your request for you especially. So please contact us.